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About Us

LotusWorks is a cross-disciplinary, multi-use art space in Beacon, NY founded by Visual Artist Aaron Loray Sanders and Performing Artist Skyla Schreter. 

LotusWorks is at once a physical space - offering studio space for artist residencies, rentals and events - as well as a greater hub for all things creative. It's prime location on Beacon's bustling Main Street hosts multi-disciplinary gallery exhibits from Founders Skyla & Aaron, as well as featured work from rotating Artists-In-Residence from the Hudson Valley and NYC. In addition to its modular use as a gallery, studio and event space, LotusWorks is the headquarters for several creative projects: LW At Home - a bespoke design label offering affordable access to custom interior design paintings, and LW Productions - an in-house production company producing multi-disciplinary arts performances & events as well as digital media services.


Aaron Loray Sanders,

LotusWorks Co-Founder

Visual Artist/Omni-Disciplinary: 

Painting, Illustration, Sculpture, Light, Sound & Space Installation, Immersive and Experiential Art, Set Design, Storyteller/Lyricist

Skyla Schreter, 

LotusWorks Co-Founder

Multi-Disciplinary Performing Artist:

Dance, Choreography, Performance Art, Painting, Graphic Design, Filmmaking, Arts Production and Administration, Teaching Artist*

*Skyla holds a Professorship at Vassar College in the Dance Department, where she teaches Ballet

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