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Aaron Loray Sanders
aka Sovereign

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As a citizen of the world and bi-coastal resident of America, my art first learned how to talk on the streets of Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Tokyo, and Barcelona, however it was in New York where it truly found its voice. 


 While most heavily influenced by the expression, innovation and energy of the global street art movement that has become part of the zeitgeist in our “Metamodern” era; I draw inspiration from a diverse background of cultural and personal experiences, from running with graffiti crews to studying fine art. 


By utilizing a variety of mediums and stylistic aesthetics, from spray paint to sculpture, my art has developed not only as an expression of self, but as an expression of the many. 


What was once a creative philosophy, has since become my artistic “nom de guerre,” whereby ‘Sovereign’, as my avatar; seeks to find the ties that bind humanity together, sometimes to re-enforce them, sometimes to unravel them.


It is both in that binding and that breaking free, that Sovereign imbues depth and meaning to the art. 


Along my personal journey, I have come to the understanding and belief that Creation, in all its various manifestations, is the one true universal language. 


By continually exploring and expanding my parameters of artistic expression, I find new ways to identify with and connect the often disparate aspects of humanity, while still recognizing, respecting and celebrating our individuality.


This conceptual framework is the crux of what has given rise to my artist’s name; for we are not separate, yet we are Sovereign.

For commissions, sales, or additional information, email: 

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