About LotusWorks

  As a dynamic creative space dedicated to community involvement and artistic expression; LotusWorks Gallery and Workshop offers a series of open enrollment, project-based workshops and classes, in addition to being a gallery space featuring the work of local artists.  LotusWorks also functions as an active and open studio for the choreographic and movement art of Skyla Schreter, and the painting and installation art of Aaron Loray. Their art is of different mediums, yet they both believe in the core mission of the space; engaging members of the community to explore their own creative abilities and expression. LotusWorks takes its name from the many petals of the Lotus flower, the petals representing the many members of the community who have the ability to create something beautiful together.  We all have the potential to create, and LotusWorks Gallery & Workshop creates a safe, fun, motivating, and inspiring place to tap into that potential.    

 As there are few if any restrictions on what LotusWorks can and will encompass, the possibility for everything from coding classes to color therapy has the potential to find a home and headquarters at one of our facilities, thus enabling Lotus Works to function as a cultural distillery presenting communities with  a variety of growth and exposure opportunities for professionals as well as aspiring artists, for dedicated practitioners as well as the general public.

   Coordinating with other local artists, artisans and craftspeople, as well as wellness practitioners; the safely-distanced, small-group classes and workshops at LWG range in scope from painting and dance, to woodwork and jewelry-making, to meditation and yoga. With monthly free classes, and very nominal fees for weekly classes, Lotus Workshop strives to help the community discover new creative outlets and ways to cultivate their artistic abilities and expression. While some material intensive and project-based workshop fees may be higher, people can take advantage of affordable memberships, which give significant discounts for all classes and workshops, in addition to exclusive access to member events and exhibits in the gallery.

   All courses and intensives are designed around a project-based format, wherein all participant-students are tasked and taught to create a large-scale fully produced work of art together. Ranging from film projects, to dance works, to mural-painting, the workshops provide the opportunity to be immersed in a creative practice that generates a self-actualized finished product. LotusWorks programs include many different art forms, media, and disciplines. This serves to not only challenge participant-students but to foster the depth and breadth of their creative experience and the accompanying satisfaction in bringing a work of art to fruition.

   Community involvement and engagement are the central pillars of LotusWorks Gallery & Workshop, and as a business co-operated by a woman and a person of color, we stress the importance of inclusivity and diversity. Our Gallery programming includes work from artists of all disciplines, backgrounds and identities. Our shop is a safe space. We do not tolerate any discrimination or prejudice based on race, gender, sexuality, political or religious affiliation-- or really anything, for that matter. We highly value respect for the self and others and always work to create a safe, fun and fulfilling environment for everyone who walks in our doors. By creating a welcoming space for artistry, community and craft of all types, from street art to sewing circles, from ballet to book clubs, LotusWorks Gallery & Workshop serves the greater community by bringing it together to grow and learn from one another. This concept is both the philosophical and practical underpinning of LotusWorks; that together we thrive, just like petals on the same flower.