The Creators

LotusWorks is a multi-disciplinary gallery and creative workshop founded by Visual Artist Aaron Loray and Performing Artist Skyla Schreter. Originally conceived as a space dedicated to cross-pollination of diverse mediums, its focus is to offer the community a space to connect, learn, and grow. Through our gallery exhibitions, workshop offerings and event programming that facilitate communication and connection within the community, we encourage the individual to gain deeper insight into their own artistry.


Aaron Loray,

LotusWorks Co-Founder

"I started doing illustrations as a kid, yet didn't begin to take my art seriously until I was an adult, when I first met and began painting with members of the Los Angeles graffiti underground. 


This reignited my love for art, sparking the desire for my art to speak to and about the world we live in. While throwing myself wholeheartedly into street art, painting and illustration, I also began to branch into graphic design, photography, sculpture, installation art and music. 


Encouraged by affiliates, colleagues and contacts that I made, I began to showcase my work at gallery shows and exhibitions, as well as doing live art at events and festivals all over the country.


As I traveled the world, I brought my art with me, and found new venues and collaborators that shared my passion. This in turn, led me to seek out residencies, mentors and teachers that could further expand my creative horizons. As my art found new depth and breadth, so did my vision for its applicability and impact. 


I feel that art is by far, one of the most significant implements of change; as art can transform the individual, so can art transform the world."


Skyla Schreter, 

LotusWorks Co-Founder


"Born and raised in New York, I have worked as a professional dancer for Boston Ballet and most recently, for 6 years at San Francisco Ballet. I attended the School of American Ballet in New York City for my formal dance training.


During my ballet career in San Francisco working with renowned dance artists, musicians and designers, I cultivated my artistic inspiration and began developing my own choreographic voice. Now, as an independent choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist, I have relocated back to my roots in New York to develop my body of work- synthesizing multiple mediums to expand boundaries in ballet.


Working primarily in dance, paint and film, I have created performance, media and visual art on both coasts, as well as internationally. In addition to my work as a creator, I feel privileged to get to share my ideas and experience with students of various backgrounds.


I have enjoyed teaching opportunities ranging from assistant teaching at the School of American Ballet, to teaching students of all ages in ballet and choreography workshops, for the Scarsdale Ballet School in Westchester, NY and the San Francisco Ballet Trainee Program. In 2022, I will join the Vassar College Dance Department as an Adjunct Professor of Ballet."