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Skyla Schreter

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I use filmmaking and painting as distinct processes of visual movement exploration that inform my dance works. These outlets give me new lenses to experience my creation process, and to discover various elements of my artistic vision.


My mission is to create live and filmed dance-works which serve as a vehicle for movement as a unifying language. In an effort to transcend social and experiential boundaries, my work uses the body as a storytelling device for universal understanding. 


Through movement exploration and creation, I strive to shape organic expression to tell those stories that can move us to feel things that we often miss when we are looking, but aren't truly seeing. 


In trying to highlight the Sublime in Nature which both surrounds and lives inside all of us, my work searches for new ways to use dance as a powerful instrument of personal reflection and social change. I am searching for physical and conceptual routes that can unite and awaken us to our own collective humanity.

 "Movement can express what the everyday vocabulary of living cannot articulate; it can communicate the unexplainable and awaken us to it."

For commissions, private dance & movement lessons, or additional information about Skyla's work, email:

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