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Reach out to us if have a trade or craft that you'd like to share with the LotusWorks community. Our mission is to diversify our programming in every way possible. We'd love to hear your idea for a new class to add to our schedule of Workshop Offerings. (Right now, due to Covid-19 Precautions, we are only offering one-on-one classes, however Space Rentals are available. We hope to soon resume group classes and re-open the gallery to the public.)


Our space is nothing without collaboration. Have an idea for an art show, live performance or event at LotusWorks? We welcome proposals from artists and artisans from all disciplines and crafts. We also accept applications for individual works to include in group shows featuring local artists. 

Community Members

Questions? Concerns? Feedback? Ideas? We want to hear all of it. Drop us a line with what's on your mind and we'll be sure to provide you with any and all information that you're after.