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LotusWorks Wellness

$175 monthly • $300 bi-weekly​
$225 monthly • $375 bi-weekly​

The GOLD Box

$275 monthly • $450 bi-weekly​



Our Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program serves our neighbors in NYC, ensuring that those who may not have regular access to our flagship Beacon store still have access to the freshest Hudson Valley grown cannabis possible, on a consistent basis. Each CSA box is loaded with a curated assortment of our premium LotusWorks Wellness cannabis products, and delivered to your door bi-weekly or monthly. Each box is slightly different, as the various groupings of products reflect peak freshness as well as intentional curated experiences.


We’re your Cannabis Concierge… We’re picking the creme of the crop products, curating a cohesive series of experiences for you, and dropping them all off at your doorstep, for you to enjoy throughout the month.


Choose from three different subscriptions: Silver - our starter CSA; for the casual cannabis user, Gold - Our next level up; for the cannabis enthusiast, and Black - our premier CSA for the cannabis connoisseur, which includes luxury items not found in-store or online, plus an invitation to join our exclusive LV_HI // GT_LWW club. Whichever subscription you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you will always have the highest-quality organic cannabis products: grown right here in the Hudson Valley, delivered straight to your NYC abode.


Our CSA Program serves Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. All CSA Box deliveries are made on Sundays (1st and 3rd for Manhattan and The Bronx, 2nd and 4th for Brooklyn and Queens.) 


*Please Note: Someone must be home to receive your delivery, as we cannot leave your CSA Box unattended. You will be given a timeframe window for delivery.


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