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LotusWorks Wellness

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Our farm, cultivation and processing facility is located in The Hudson Valley region's lush Columbia County, and is 100% powered by renewable solar energy.

LWW's flagship retail shop, with its bespoke craftsman interior, boasts a location that can't be beat - situated in the heart of the Hudson Valley's rich culinary, arts & culture scene in Beacon, NY.


Everything we do - from seed to sale - has an abiding commitment to:


  environmental sustainability • holistic wellness • social equity



Founded in 2022 by multi-disciplinary artist-team Skyla Schreter and Aaron Sanders,

LotusWorks Wellness is a premium cannabis cultivator, distributor and retailer serving the Hudson Valley and NYC.


"We believe creativity is boundless, and that personal and collective wellness is essential to embody our most creative and fulfilled selves. The LotusWorks community encompasses artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, wellness practitioners, athletes, thinkers and doers. NY's Hudson Valley is our home. We are inspired by the expansive natural scenery and the vibrant cultural landscape that surrounds us, and with that, we aim to instill vitality,  joy and a creative spirit into all of our cannabis processes and products. We believe that cannabis is a window into connection; with ourselves, with each other, with nature. We hope that each interaction you have at LotusWorks, and each LWW offering that you experience, can further connect you to the things that matter most. Here's to renewed creativity and holistic wellness!" 

-Skyla Schreter and Aaron Sanders

Co-Founders, LotusWorks Wellness

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