[loculamentum] - an original full-evening dance work created by Skyla Schreter in collaboration with A-Y/dancers

[loculamentum] : // noun // compartment; case; receptacle for holding things

"It wasn’t until I began to articulate and interpret the memories of my thoughts and feelings through dance that I could finally begin to heal from my pain. As I look at this finished piece that is very much a physical, mental and above-all spiritual representation of my own healing and coping, I realize how truly binary my own processing and internalizing can be. It seems to me now that this work has grown into a sort of recognition and reconciliation of the often polarized relationship between our thoughts and feelings, of that compartmentalizing that is omnipresent in both suffering and healing." - Skyla Schreter, choreographer of [loculamentum]

Preston Chamblee (8/1 & 8/30)

Harrison Coll (8/30 only)
Claire Deane
Kristina Diaz
Skyla Schreter (7/14 & 8/1)
Jessica Smith (8/1 & 8/30)
Mimi Staker (8/1 & 8/30)
Hannah Straney
Emma Von Enck (8/1 & 8/30)
Craig Wasserman (7/14 & 8/1)

Indiana Woodward (8/30 only)

Set and Lighting Design by Aaron Loray
Costume Design by Lauren Carmen
Music by Claude Debussy and Miles Davis, arranged by Skyla Schreter

Performances of [loculamentum]:

Sneak Preview/Excerpts

Full Work Premiere  

Reprise Performance 

July 14th @ 7pm
at Waterfront Wednesdays in Hudson, NY

August 1st @ 7:30pm
Outdoor Performance at the Elk's Lodge Lawn in Beacon, NY

August 30th @ 7:30pm
as part of The Hudson Eye Festival in Hudson, NY

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