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_Love Poem No. 1_  (Aaron).png

Love is an Action
through Dec 4th 2022


Painting/Multi-Media Exhibit

"Once I started loving you I found I was quite unable to stop"
Aaron Sanders


 Featured in Love is an Action Exhibit 2022

Exhibition Notes

Love is not passive.   It is a continuum of participation, growth and evolution. In this series of paintings by Aaron Sanders, accompanied by a sampling of LotusWorks' multi-media collection -  Love, as an action, is deconstructed, explored and celebrated. In a companion performance on opening day (NOV 5 2022) dance artist Skyla Schreter joins featured exhibition artist Aaron Sanders to experiment using improvisational techniques in both dance and painting - showcasing the dynamic energy exchange that is present in both artistic collaboration and the action of love.

"Momento Mori"
Aaron Sanders


Aaron Sanders


"Not all DREAMERS are asleep"
Aaron Sanders

Paintings Featured in Love is an Action Exhibit 2022

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