LW At Home

The process of building out your LW At Home project is quick and simple.


Step 1 - Choose your Size.


All canvases are hand-stretched. If you'd like a custom size, choose the closest available option, and we will work with you to get you the exact size you want, with an add-on fee to your final bill. 


Set 2 - Choose your Creative Method.


  • All In (Your Vision: Includes 3 Artist Consults)
  • Let's Collab (Collaborative Vision: Includes 2 Artist Consults)
  • Artist's Choice (Artist's Vision: Includes 1 Artist Consult) 

Note: You can always add-on extra artist consults once the process is underway.


Step 3 - Secure Checkout:

Enter your card information or choose Apple Pay to pay for your first bill


Step 4 - Schedule your first artist consultation!


Painting - Single