LW At Home

The process of building out your LW At Home project is quick and simple.


Step 1 - Choose your Size.


All canvases are hand-stretched. If you'd like custom sizes for one or more of the paintings in the series, choose the closest available option, and we will work with you to get you the exact sizes you want, with an add-on fee to your final bill. 


Set 2 - Choose your Creative Method.


  • All In (Your Vision: Includes 3 Artist Consults)
  • Let's Collab (Collaborative Vision: Includes 2 Artist Consults)
  • Artist's Choice (Artist's Vision: Includes 1 Artist Consult) 

Note: You can always add-on extra artist consults once the process is underway.


Step 3 - Secure Checkout:

Enter your card information or choose Apple Pay to pay for your first bill


Step 4 - Schedule your first artist consultation!


Triptych - Series of 3 Paintings