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"the rabbit died,"
by Alex Marsh

Exhibit Notes

“However archaic and barbaric, this phrase was used to refer to afab individuals as pregnant. Cutting open rabbits, examining their ovaries after injecting them with our bodily fluids to test for pregnancy.


Currently, within the realm of our patriarchal society, much like rabbits, afab people are cut open and examined. Stripped of our identities, down to the bareness of our flesh and fertility. Our ability to hold child, now the most sacred of actions.


Unable to refuse, unable to transform into ourselves.


For thousands of years, our bodily autonomy has been treated as proprietary. Ownership has never been purely ours. As afab individuals, we are expected to be demure, meek, small, and quiet. Mere accessories to our patriarchal owners.


This show is the culmination of years of distillation of my personal experiences and emotions as a transgender man. My struggles with gender identity, body image, and my hopes for the future of our bodies and identities.”

-Alex Marsh

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