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The Art of Dreaming

The Art of Dreaming is a multi-disciplinary exploration into the layers of the subconscious. Within this journey of music, movement and color synthesized through film, we dive into the many qualities of the waking or "lucid" dream. Created by Aaron Loray and Skyla Schreter, this work features professional ballet dancers from American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet, and a professional musician from the New York City Ballet Orchestra; as well as original choreography, painting and music arrangement. Part 1 of the exhibition showcases the filmed synthesis of these various elements of dreaming, while part 2 exhibits Loray's paintings, which were created live, on-set of the film production; capturing the essence of the evolving creation in real-time. Part 3, exclusively shown online, is a sneak peek into the process of layering which lay underneath the final paintings: the complex inner workings buried under the surface of the final iteration. 

Part 1:
"The Art of Dreaming" Original Film Creation

**Make sure your sound is turned on!

Part 2:
"The Art of Dreaming" Original Paintings

Part 3:
"The Art of Dreaming" Layers Underneath

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